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History of Dooley’s Trucking

The name Dooley’s Trucking has been around for approximately 35 years. Throughout its history Dooley’s has conducted business from garbage collection to its current position of Courier, Transport, and Specialty Logistics services.

The Boone family (Boone Courier Services Ltd.) of Grand Falls Windsor ran the business for 8 years prior to 1998 as a courier service with six employees and four cargo vans and maintained an 800-square-foot warehouse at 175 Roe Avenue. At this time the Boone family grew tired of the 24/7 work weeks, the associated commitments, and declining revenue. It was at this point Barry and Kay Warren were approached to purchase the existing contracts held by Boone Courier Services Ltd. Having been self-employed since 1989 and a true entrepreneur, Barry fully understood the risks associated with taking on a new business endeavor and accepted the opportunity to move into a new business sector. At this period Barry and Kay owned and operated NewLab Sanitation which sold 2 years later to Sanitary Products of St. John’s to make room for the expansions required for the ever-growing operations of Dooley’s Trucking.

Dooley’s Trucking Under Barry & Kay Warren

In July 1998 the Warrens incorporated Canadian Courier Ltd. and on August 1, 1998 Dooley’s Trucking, under its new ownership of Canadian Courier, owned and operated by Barry and Kay Warren, started business. Within a short period they saw the opportunity and potential for growth. Its focus would be to act as an interline agent for national and international carriers such as Sameday Worldwide, DHL/Loomis, UPS, FedEx, Canpar, Midland Courier, Midland Transport, Day and Ross, Armour, Maritime Ontario, and Air Canada Cargo. Barry had realized years before that Gander was strategically positioned at the center of Commerce when you looked at a map of the Central and Northeast coast of NL. This focus was to cover most points from Arnolds Cove in the east through to the Bair Verte Peninsula in the west. To further their skills and expertise in the transportation industry, throughout 2007 both Barry and Kay completed the Transportation Management Certification course from the University of New Brunswick.

During peak periods, especially at Christmas time, it is not uncommon to see the whole family – Barry, Kay, and their three daughters – working the business to ensure fast and efficient delivery of baggage to Air Canada passengers throughout the central region with customer satisfaction being first and foremost in their minds. Many Christmas days have been spent on the road with Dooley’s acting as Santa for Air Canada. Also, they ensure the timely delivery of healthcare products, such as oxygen tanks, to customers no matter what time of day.


Dooley’s bought its first 5-ton truck within 6 months of starting up, not because it needed it, but because it was called Dooley’s Trucking though it did not own any trucks. Within 6 weeks of its first truck purchase it purchased a second to handle the demand. The third, fourth, and fifth were not far behind. Revenue growth was averaging 15% per year.

Within 2 years of purchasing Dooley’s Trucking, NewLab Sanitation was sold to Sanitary Products of St. John’s, making room for a new 4,000-square-foot space expansion to Warrens’ existing building at 20 Roe Avenue. Tractor trailers were now a part of the fleet and employees had mushroomed to 24 employees. It was clear by the year 2003 the business had outgrown the 20 Roe Avenue location. Plans were set in motion to identify a new site for the operations of Canadian Courier Ltd. o/a Dooley’s Trucking, which would be away from the high-volume traffic area on Roe Avenue, but also keeping in mind the requirement of additional space for future expansion. Hence, 20 Roe Avenue was sold in 2007 and ground broken at 45 Baird Pl, the site of the new home of Canadian Courier Ltd. o/a Dooley’s Trucking.

With 20 Roe Avenue sold and funding secured through BDC, the excavation and building of the new and much improved home of Dooley’s Trucking was started in June 2007. The November 11, 2007 weekend saw the move to its new multi-purpose warehouse and terminal. Dooley’s Trucking is now strategically positioned to avail itself of expansion opportunities as they present themselves for growth throughout all Newfoundland and Labrador, 16 months later needing more space to accommodate the ongoing growth and partnerships it’s experiencing.

The fleet currently stands at 30 units with 36 full- and part-time employees and independent brokers. Over the past 6 months Dooley’s Trucking has been providing services with partners from St. John’s to Port aux Basque to Labrador. Total gross payroll for 2008/2009 topped the $1,000,000 mark, which in turn contributed greatly to the local economy of the area. When the company was taken over by the Warrens in 1998 annual revenue was at $384,000 and as of today annual revenue for Dooley’s Trucking is surpassing the $3,000,000 mark.

Barry continues to constantly explore new growth opportunities – such as a Clarenville warehouse to open more doors of opportunity and to cover more of the province – and build on his current partnerships for future expansion, especially as part of the offshore oil industry through partnerships with worldwide logistic companies.

Business Partnerships

  • Special Logistic Services: Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Luggage Services, Central Health Boards
  • Logistic warehousing for Dell Corporation and Unlysis Corporation
  • Day and Ross, Midland Transport, Armour Transportation Systems, Altimax Courier, Focus Logistics, P.F. Collins, Eastern Express, Dynamex Express, Apples Express, and Newsgroup


Professional Affiliations

  • Served on the Board of Chamber of Commerce as a director up to office of President from July 2003 to February 2005 and continues to be a member in good standing of the Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Served as the Chamber representative on the local Trail-way Committee
  • While President of the Chamber served on the Town of Gander’s “Mayors Committee” to address issues pertaining to business and the economy of the Town of Gander surrounding area
  • Former Director of the Newfoundland and Labrador Chamber of Commerce and the Atlantic Provinces Chambers of Commerce
  • 2004 recipient of the Newfoundland and Labrador Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year for outstanding commitment to the Chamber movement in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • 2005 recipient of the Atlantic Provinces Chambers of Commerce Harvey Webber Commemorative Award awarded in recognition of contribution to the Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce, enhancing the Chamber of Commerce movement in his province and region
  • 10 years as the Employer representative on Human Resources Development of Canada’s EI Appeal Board
  • 3 years of service on the Board of Directors Workplace Health and Safety Compensation Commission Board
  • Former director of the Kittiwake Economic Development Corporation
  • Member Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses
  • Member of the Atlantic Provinces Truckers Association
  • Currently on the Executive of the Gander Lake Marina’s Association


Charity Supports/Donations

  • Local Hockey Teams
  • The Lions Center
  • Kiwanis Music Festival
  • Gander House
  • Village Malawi Orphanage, Africa
  • Involvement w/Chamber of Commerce
  • Canadian Federation of Independent Business
  • Corporate and personal donations to Gander and Area charities, local service clubs, local sports organizations, church groups, school scholarship, safe grad programs, and many others amounting to more than $175,000 over a 20 year period
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